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Sumit Saxena

Founder & CEO

Professional marketer & business manager with strong alignment with corporate vision & focus on optimization & profitability.
Over 17 years of marketing experience in Media, Liquor, Automobiles, Cigarettes, Mobile Phones, Advertising & Research. Hands on experience in launching brands, customized marketing for consumers (esp. youth) & stakeholders (B2B+B2C) through expertise in 360 degree marketing tools (ATL + BTL + Digital + GTM + CE + Experiential).

Snapshot of experience
Expertise: Brand launch, Brand turnaround, Repositioning, Youth Marketing, New market launch, Change Management, Stakeholder Marketing, Channel Management, Budgeting, Cost Control, Profitability, International Business, Consumer conversion, Database management, Consumer Research
Business: Business Plan, Product Development & portfolio, Innovation, Pricing
Market: Market assessment, Opportunity Identification, Market segmentation, Trend analysis
Focus: Business prioritization, Annual calendar planning, Customized marketing, GTM strategy
Brand: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Corporate Identity, Brand Positioning, Target Audience
Process: Consumer conversion, Brand track, Product parameter, Product story, Database management
Medium: B2B, B2C, Advertising, ATL, BTL, Digital, Media Planning, Multi-sensorial marketing, Celebrity Management, Events, Intellectual Property, Consumer Research

R Warrier

Chief Consultant, Brand Communication

17 years of experience with 13 years in mainline advertising, 2 in tech marketing and 2 in digital communications.
Expertise: Automobile, FMCG and start-up brands,


Chief Consultant, Creative

Over 17 years of experience in Creative Art across leading advertising agencies.
Expertise: Creativity, Photography, Music, OBRs (Out Bound Bike Rides)


Chief Consultant, Experiential Marketing

Over 21 years of creating and providing experiences for the consumers and renowned brands. Experiential marketing has been a revelation for me. Hence, my purpose is to educate the people about the benefits and applications of experiential marketing as a profitable marketing method with a conducive result and increase the brand value.
Expertise: Experiential Marketing, Brand Management & Digital Mix


Chief Consultant, Youth Culture

Over 12 years Youth driven events, music & art festivals, exhibitions, content curation, live shows, music production, book publishing and so on Expertise: Live Production, Content generation (Audio, Video & VR), Youth IP, Fabrication, Design

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that worships the servant and has forgotten the gift.